Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Other Random Kryptos Musings

When the hint BERLIN was revealed I was 100% positive the next word was going to be TUNNEL --- a hidden, buried, Cold War operation to tunnel under the Berlin Wall and transmit intelligence underground using electromagnetism (wires) that was exposed figuratively and literally by Soviet intelligence thanks to a mole.

Then the next word was revealed to be CLOCK. Oh well, must have something to do with the "set theory" clock. However, I recently read the British code name for that tunnel operation was "Stopwatch." That's basically a clock, right? Misdirection? Coincidence? Helpful? Seeing what I want to see?

I also read some early Sanborn interviews and he talks about peeling layers of onions and sand grains in hour glasses a few times. The outer layer of the "tableaux" hasn't been used yet. I wondered if the hour glass comments could somehow hint at a shape or pattern, but nothing has jumped out at me yet.

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