Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yay me

I moved into the top 10 this week at MTC3, specifically into 3rd place, as well as #1 for the month and #1 for the year. I am probably also #1 for last month, retroactively, as all this is aided by the fact I was finally awarded points for the level X cipher I solved in June: a historical cipher by the KKK from the 1920s or so. Seems they didn't think anyone would ever solve a level X so they never coded that as an option :)

I think my next few posts will be historical ciphers that remained unsolved for hundreds of years but are solvable within minutes with modern, open source tools. Plus the constant updating of my Kryptos post. I intend for that to be quite thorough.

In the mean time I am off to Black Hat and DEFCON. Vegas baby!

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